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API 5L PSL2 ERW Steel Pipe

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ERW Steel Pipe is  also called  Electrical Resistance Weld Steel Pipe (HFW STEEL PIPE).  ERW steel pipe is one of our most professional products. And it is not as the same as an ordinary pipe welding process, the welding basic metal is melted by its own steel body, so it has better mechanical strength than the normal welded pipe.


• Features: ERW represents resistance welding, resistance welding with high efficiency, low cost, saving materials, ease of automation and other characteristics. This welding technology is usually used for small sizes pipes from 34mm-610mmm.

• Products details: the OD is 34~610mm, thickness:1mm-14mm, the length :5.8m-25m.

• Standard: API 5L PSL1,PLS2,ASTM standard, EN Standard, GOST Standard, ect.

• Inspection: Raw Material Test Tensile Test, Yeild Strength, Elogation, Impact Test, Chemical Analysis, Hardness Test, Charpy Impact Test, Metallographic Examination, Final Product Test Hydraulic Test, On-line and off-line Ultrasonic Test,Tensile Test ,Yeild Strength, Elogation, Hardness Test, Charpy Impact, Flattening Test Chemical Analysis, Metallographic Examination.

• Application for Electrical Resistance Welded pipe: it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobiles, light industry and other industrial sectors, it is an important process of welding technology.


API 5L PSL2 ERW steel pipe is one kind of the ERW steel pipes. API PSL2 ERW steel pipes increases the chemical composition, notch toughness, strength and supplemental NDE (nondestructive testing) mandate, behind the material number should take note for delivery condition such as N, M, Q, R, etc.


Allland is a professional ERW steel pipe manufacturer in China.